Hou Hou Mei was started by two South African Meisies (Afrikaans for girls, pronounced may-sees) Ashleigh & Ruelle. Currently based in Hong Kong and coming from a culture that shares their love through food,  we started sharing our 'love' with our closest friends here in Hong Kong. 

Having wanted to start a business together for quite some time, the idea of Hou Hou Mei caught us by surprise. Partially because it wasn't quite the business we had envisioned for ourselves and partially because it happened at the height of COVID-19. In this time of uncertainty, Hou Hou Mei became a driving force for us and having poured our heart and soul into this, our hope is to bring tangible joy to everyone.

The phrase 'Hou Hou Mei' is used to describe something utterly delicious in Cantonese and we're confident that this will be your reaction after enjoying our range of sweet treats and desserts. 


We can't wait to take you along on our journey as we continue to grow and serve up the best cookies in Hong Kong!